the once and future Zorro (fictionislies) wrote in fcrfriends,
the once and future Zorro

ahead of our time...

Anthony: Like, we'll die and 50 years later, everyone will be like "those dudes were fucking geniuses."
Blake: dude
Blake: i always said i'd never be appreciated fully until i was dead
Blake: fcr will be posthumous
Blake: that's for sure
Anthony: think about that.
Anthony: like what if we all die and then like CAPITOL RECORDS puts out this huge-ass FCR box set for like 80 bucks?
Blake: hahaha
Blake: that would be really funny
Anthony: something that would finally make the money to pay off my debts from ASBfuckingD and i'll be too dead to enjoy it.
Blake: hahaha
Blake: yes
Blake: that's how it always works
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