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Flaming Chip Records.

"pyromania at its best."

Friends and fans of Flaming Chip Records
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This is a community for friends and fans of the New Albany, Indiana based music powerhouse known as Flaming Chip Records.
a suburban blood drive, afe, aliens from earth, anthony bowman, autosuggestion, bam! records, blake thomas, bloodee apocalypse, bryan dominik, d.j. dade apex, d.j. white kid, daniel robison, ef-cee-are, eric condon, fcr, fcr recordings, garage fest, garage fest '99, garage fest 2000, garage fest 2001, garage fest 2002, garage fest 5, gee whiz records, lenny(kravitz-drives-an-orange-pick-up-truck), new city sound studios, okay, pfp, plastic for president, russell bryan, schroeder, space monkey mafia art, spare tire entertainment, spy-vs.-spy&the-magic8ball, supergroup, the bell signal, the brisk, the derrick arnold band, the great midwest, the helgeson story, the noun, the rat pack, transgression, trisha wells, u-turn, visions of cody, voc, xanthic umbra, yeshua east