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Exploration, Rudy.

I FINALLY got around to updating the FCR site. Unfortunately, the company we paid for the domain (the company that I hadn't paid in over three years) also finally got around to taking our domain from us, but that's okay, because the site is still up through geocities. the link at the top of this page is accurate. The address is now simply
My parents got broadband, so it now takes less than five years for a web page to load on their computer, so I was able to update. I just did this on a whim tonight, so it's nothing fancy yet. It still looks like Megaman II, but it has a little bit of new text. Hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll do some drastic work. Hopefully this will help get certain people off of their asses to get some work done. (Eric.) If anyone has any ideas for the site or wants to help in any particular way, let me know. Thanks.
(Also, Eric, I want to talk to you about something sometime soon. I've got a proposition for you.)
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