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It's Over Now 7

Here's the basic breakdown of the round of tapes I got from Kyle over spring break.

Them Thar Visions o' Cody (demo) (May/June 2000)
1. Badly Segued Dream Sequence
2. 83 Problems
3. In a Disco Song
4. Everytime I Call You
5. Hmmm
6. Everybody's Got Somebody But Me
7. I'm Not the One
8. Lost
9. Is This What You Wanted? (run-through)
10. Lost (run-through)

Nothing on this tape is releasable. This was an 8-song demo that Derrick and I made for Kyle to play along with when he joined the band, which we later appended with two songs from our early practices. These versions all suck. Mostly it's Derrick and me being goofy and not really trying to make anything "professional" like on The Visions of Cody FCR demo. "Badly Segued Dream Sequence" and "Lost" are just the same exact versions as on that tape, and "Everytime I Call You" is only negligibly different. Overall, this tape is pretty unremarkable. The only thing interesting is that it contains "Is This What You Wanted?" in an even rougher form than it appeared at GarageFest.

GarageFest 2000 (PFP/VOC) (June 2000)
1. The Piglicker
2. Crack is Wack
3. (I Wish) Martha Stewart (Was My Ho)
4. Geto Foreva
5. Finale (Fake Guitar)/Happy Birthday

1. Everybody's Got Somebody But Me
2. Hmmm
3. I'm Not the One
4. Everytime I Call You
5. Lost
6. Boys Don't Cry
7. Insecure
8. Is This What You Wanted?
9. Sister Ray

I got a big kick out of this. I thought that this performance of "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me," the first song we ever played live, didn't get recorded at this show, but lo and behold, it exists, along with Plastic for President's all-too-brief set. Future renditions of the songs we played at this show would all improve upon these versions, but it's interesting to hear us do "Is This What You Wanted?" and a surprisingly tight "Hmmm" live, along with our infamously ill-chosen covers. (By the Way, the version of "Sister Ray" we did is only about six or seven minutes, contrary to what it may seem like.)

Baker's Party (September 2000)
1. I'm Not the One
2. If I Was
3. It's Not Fair
4. Radiant Abrasive
5. Lost
6. Swiss Army Knife
7. Insecure
8. Everytime I Call You
9. Why Can't I Be Your Boyfriend?
10. The Nearness You Never Had

This is the one where "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me" didn't get recorded, which is fine, because it's not of as much historical interest as the previous one. This set obviously contains a lot of songs we never played again, including "I'm Not the One," "It's Not Fair," "Radiant Abrasive," "Why Can't I Be Your Boyfriend?" (which was dropped like, the day after this show), and "The Nearness You Never Had," along with "Swiss Army Knife" feat. Danny ("and Kyle really sucks at drums"). The version of "I'm Not the One" is better than the GarageFest version but it's vocals are almost inaudible, but "Lost" and "Insecure" appear here in arguably their best versions. "If I Was," of course, was still brand-new and hadn't yet opened itself up to the exploration that would characterize it so brutally at later shows. The infamous performance of "The Nearness You Never Had" doesn't quite live up to its mythic reputation, but I'm still happy to have a recording of it.

Barnyard Bash II (April 2001)
1. Everytime I Call You
2. It's Over Now
3. Everybody's Got Somebody But Me
4. Insecure
5. If I Was

This final set is characterized by the curious decision to move our usual set-opener to the middle of set and to move "Everytime I Call You" (here in indisputably its best version) to the top. I sort of remember this being a last-minute decision that would've probably carried onto later shows that never happened. This set also famously featured two versions of "If I Was," the second of which didn't get recorded, which is probably just as well, since it's hard to imagine that we could've topped the one on the tape, an absolutely furious reading of the song that pounds its coda out for what feels like five minutes. As for the other songs, "Insecure" is strong but its vocals are barely audible over the two guitars, but "It's Over Now" is I'd say one of our best live performances ever, even if it is obscured a bit at times by Russell's extraneous blabbity-blab during the second verse.

And so, if I may humbly propose this idea for a live compilation...

1. Everybody's Got Somebody But Me (GarageFest 2000)
2. Hmmm (GarageFest 2000)
3. I'm Not the One (GarageFest 2000)
4. Everytime I Call You (Barnyard Bash II)
5. Insecure (Baker's Party)
6. Radiant Abrasive (Baker's Party)
7. Lost (Baker's Party)
8. It's Not Fair (Baker's Party)
9. It's Over Now (Barnyard Bash II)
10. Why Can't I Be Your Boyfriend? (Baker's Party)
11. Is This What You Wanted? (GarageFest 2000)
12. The Nearness You Never Had (Baker's Party)
13. If I Was (Barnyard Bash II)

Comments? Suggestions? Proposed changes in the running order? (This is about the most balanced flow I can come up with, considering how imbalanced we were toward slow songs.) What do you guys think?
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