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we, uh, FIXED the GLITCH.

Last year, the domain expired for expired, and everything was falling apart with the company, so I didn't renew it. For some reason, it stayed up for a whole year, but they figured it out and sent me an email asking if I wanted to renew the domain, so I did. is up for another year at least. Hallelujah!
FCR Fact No. 3
In the song "Your Baby's Mama," Daniel of Plastic For President says "I'll be doing this 'til the end of time." Ironically, The Sweethearts Collection ended up being Plastic For President's last album, though it was intended to be.

If anyone else has any interesting facts, please feel free to post them. I know some people were in places that I wasn't, and some people have a much better memory than I do (Eric).
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